Welcome to Mass Hosting - a provider of affordable hosting facilities for companies, charities and individuals.

Mass hosting packages are an excellent choice for graphic designers or small web design companies who have a few websites, but not enough to warrant paying hundreds of pounds for a unlimited hosting.

If you have five or more websites you may find that it is cheaper to host them right here than elsewhere.

Our hosting packages are not unlimited, but the limits are quite high, which makes them much more cost effective.  The starter package has a limit of 1Gb server space, 20 Gb bandwidth per month and it will give you up to 50 websites.  If you outgrow that you can easily upgrade to our standard package, which gives you 5 Gb server space, 40 Gb bandwidth, and 100 websites. The Premium account comes with 10 Gb server space, 100 Gb bandwidth, and 200 websites.

The account comes with a very easy-to-use control panel, which makes setting up your hosting easy.  You can also easily set up E-mail accounts for your clients, and set up Spam filtering, which is all included in your package.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Budget Hosting

1 Gb web space
50 websites
20 Gb Bandwidth

20 p.m. or 200 p.a.

Standard Hosting

5 Gb web space
100 websites
40 Gb Bandwidth

30 p.m. or 300 p.a.

Premium Hosting

10 Gb web space
200 websites
100 Gb Bandwidth

50 p.m. or 500 p.a.